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Gymnastics- Regular Season begins 9/14/15 and ends 6/24/16
Fall Schedule : Classes begin September 14th

Monday:  Pre-K- 5:00- 5:45
                Open Tumble- 6:00-7:00- not included in monthly price
Tuesday:  Team L3-5- 4:30- 7:30
Wednesday:  Level 1 & 2- 5:00- 6:00

Thursday:  Team L3-5- 4:30-7:30
Friday:   Level 3- 4:30-6:30
              Team L2- 5:30-7:30

  Sports Boot Camp- 10:00- 11:00 (all gymnasts welcome)- This class is mandatory for all competitive Team girls, Levels 2-5 and any other gymnast who wants to become stronger and better in the sport.


Pricing- per month

Pre k- $35
Level 1- $40
Level 2- $40
Level 3- $65
Team L2- $75
Team L3-5- $150

**There will be a 10% discount for each sibling joined after the 1st child price.

**There is a $20 non refundable registration fee due at signing

**There is a $50 bounced check fee.

Open Tumble- $10 per class. This is an extra practice class for gymnasts to practice their tumbling skills throughout the year. This is not a personal training session for your child.  Your child must have some tumbling skills to attend this class.                                                                                                                    

The Pre-K class is a class where the child is accompanied by their adult- No exceptions.

Make up classes:
Pre k- Wednesday 5-6
Level 1- Friday 4:30-5:30
Level 2- Friday 4:30-5:30
Level 3- Tuesday or Thursday 4:30-6:30
L2 Team- Tuesday or Thursday 4:30-6:30
L3-5 Team- Friday 4:30-7:30                                                                                                             

Rules and Regulations:

-all gymnasts must wear a leotard- no footed tights allowed- no hoodies, any sweatshirt or zippy is acceptable without a hood for warm ups only.  Remember this is not a dance class! Please no skirts or tights permitted. In the winter months tight stretch pants are allowed but must be ankle length or shorter. 

-all gymnasts must have their hair completely pulled back and out of their faces before they come to class (we are not responsible for putting your child’s hair up).  Please bring in rubber bands in a baggie with your child’s name on them and leave them at the gym for later use if one is forgotten. I do not supply rubber bands.

-All make up classes must be completed within the month they missed the class. 

-Payment is due on the first day of class of each month. A $25 late fee will be applied.  If you send your child to class without payment on the 2nd class we will contact you to pick your child up as they will not be able to participate in class until balance is paid in full. 

-      Due to many parents failing to pick up their children on time from class, I am charging a $10 fee for every 15 minutes (after the first 5 minutes) you are late. Your child cannot be unattended at any time in the gym and I cannot cancel another class due to your tardiness. Remember your child's safety is most important to us. Please help us keep them safe by following these simple gym rules.

Misc. information:

-here at pump it up! it is a privilege to be accepted on team.  If your child represents great form and understanding for the routines and is excelling you will receive a letter stating her acceptance, however a return response from the parent must be received for the child to move up to team status.

-we will have leotards on sale to buy at the gym.  You can also purchase pump it up! Gymnastics jacket, pants, shorts, tanks and t-shirts.

 -      Group exercise classes are offered to parents (some during their child’s class time), if you are interested in classes please ask me for more information. If your child (over 12 years old) is going to come to any adult classes there will be a $5.00 class fee for each child, each class. Gymnastics fees are for gymnastics classes and do not include group exercise classes.

-check us out on-- Twitter- @pumpitupfitness
-                          Facebook- Pump It Up Fitness –or- Cheryl Pozantidis-Tabone

**** if for any reason the gym is closed (especially due to bad weather), I will have it posted on channel 2, channel 7, WDOE and FaceBook.



You can now buy gymnastics equipment from us at Pump it up!! just click on the link below and it will redirect you to the site to buy equipment for your child to practice at home.

To purchase home gymnastics equipment press here:


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