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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties:  Priced for kids only!!!!

Basic - includes paper products, pizza (1 slice per child) and beverages (combination of 2).

Deluxe - includes paper products, cake, pizza (1 slice per child) and beverages  (combination of 2).

Premium - includes paper products, cake, pizza (1 slice per child) beverages (combo of 2) and loot bags (1 per child).

 Prices: (up to 10 children)

  •  Basic - $99.00
  •  Deluxe - $129.00
  •  Premium - $149.00

        The prices above reflect 10 child minimum and each additional child is priced as  follows:

    Basic: $10 per child extra

        Deluxe: $12 per child extra

        Premium: $14 per child extra

 Misc Info:

  •  Parties are 1 1/2 hours  in length
  •  A deposit of $25.00  is due at time of booking to hold date. If deposit is not received the party will not be scheduled.
  •    No outside drinks or food permitted! (except birthday cake)
  •  Pitcher's of soda can be purchased for adults at $4.00 per pitcher
  •  Pizza can be purchased for an additional price for adults at $14 per pizza

 Available days and hours for parties:

Saturday 12pm ,2pm or 4pm

Sunday 12pm , 2pm or 4pm

NOW OFFERING:  (Sunday’s only)



 *prices subject to change without notice

 Bounce House rules and regulations:

  • Socks must be worn at all times when in the bounce houses
  • No gum allowed in the bouncers
  • No rough housing, gymnastics or pushing allowed
  • Touching other equipment (gymnastics, boxing, personal training) is not permitted
  • No one is to run behind the bouncers or where any electrical outlets or equipment that may hurt those involved in the parties.
  • If any party equipment is stolen (utensils, balloon holders, water pitchers, cake server, lighter, serving knife or weight training equipment) there will be an additional fee.



I read and understand the rules and regulations of birthday parties held at Pump It Up! located at 355 Central Avenue Ste 7, Fredonia NY, 14063. I will not bring outside food or drinks and will abide by the rules of the bouncers for our safety.



 Signature of parent (over 18 yrs)                                                                                           Date



Printed name of parent (over 18 yrs)

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